Rob Chambers

Rob Chambers is the creator of the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired webcomic MeatShield, which has been published online at since 2009. He started his cartooning career as the editorial cartoonist for the student newspaper of California State University Northridge, The Daily Sundial, as well as an internship at The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, where in 1997 he won awards from the Greater Los Angeles Press Club and the California Newspaper Publisher’s Association for his editorial cartoons. Rob graduated from CSUN in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art (Illustration concentration).

Rob currently has two books of his work available for purchase via “The Quest for the Scepter Thingie” and “Against the Gravel Giants.” The third MeatShield book, “The Tomb of Errors,” is expected by September 2019.   Rob lives in the northern Dallas area with his wife Kathy (who is a native Houstonian, so he’s a “Texan by marriage”), along with his twin daughters. Rob’s cartooning influences include Berke Breathed, Randy Wicks, Charles Schulz, Phil Foglio, and Bill Watterson. His work appears weekly on his website at and at He can be contacted at or at