2014 here we come!

Milburn Taylor & Friend in Kirkeness, Norway. Now which one is the troll?

Milburn Taylor & Friend in Kirkeness, Norway. Now which one is the troll?

Well here we are at the end of a busy, busy, but wonderful year. 2014 is bringing with it a new beginning for the TCS, including the possibility of starting a North Texas Chapter, followed by an expanded Central Texas Chapter, and a South Eastern Chapter based in the Houston area.

We’re looking for program ideas, speakers, and event ideas, so be sure to send them this way.

The next Central Texas Chapter meeting will be in February, time and date to be announced—stay tuned!

Until then….
Milburn Taylor



More artist links added…

In response to a recent request, several folks in the group have asked to have their web sites listed. Check them out… great work! And don’t be afraid to refer another member when a possible assignment comes around that isn’t necessarily your “cup of tea.” Remember, and it’s true, what goes around, comes around.

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Milburn Taylor

October meeting: Dale Whistler’s studio

The Austin bunch had a great meeting at Scholz Bier Garten last night. Great conversations, great food, and really good beer! We discussed a lot of things that would (hopefully) benefit everyone in some way. Equally important, Dale Whistler is opening his studio to the gang for the October meeting… time and date to be announced here, and via email.

We especially appreciate John Brown bringing a guest. His friend, Jamie, added a lot to the diversity of the group and provided some interesting insight into her current teaching assignment at Southwestern University in Georgetown. Come back again any time Jamie!

Kevin Middleton and John Brown both brought samples of their work to show around. Thanks guys!! We all appreciated the opportunity to see their work, and hopefully this will encourage others to share some of their latest successes (and even failures). We come to these meetings to learn and to have fun.

.There were a number of people who could not attend the meeting last night because of prior commitments, gigs, and other reasons. Hey, that’s OK! Make it when you can, we’d love to see you (and your work) again.

Remember to spread the word about the Texas Cartoonists Society, and invite your friends.

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Milburn Taylor

Kevin Middleton updated site information

Boy, talk about a fast response.  I sent out an email a few minutes ago asking folks if they wanted their websites linked to the TCS site. A few minutes later Kevin Middleton emailed me with his request (site change).

Done! And see how easy that was?  Check out Kevin’s site www.fungraphix.com, and don’t forget to send your request to milburn@texascartoonists.com. Thanks and keep on smiling!