Several of the NCS/Texas Chapter members are gifted caricaturists, each one has his or her own unique style. Click on the caricaturist links below for a sampling of their work. You can reach them through our contact form or by contacting Hector Cantu, Chair of the NCS/Texas Chapter.

Kevin Middleton
Kevin likes drawing caricatures for partys, and he will create
“gift caricatures” from photos.

Miguel (Miggy) Aguilar
Miggy loves to work in the “IndyComic” style, and his caricatures incorporate some of that look. In many ways some of his caricartures have a “fine arts” look too. His caricatures are towards the bottom of his page.

Richard Dominguez
Experienced in ad design, comic page layouts, sports team branding, logo design, posters, invitations, feature illustrations, spot illustrations, dynamic line art, editorial cartoons, children story illustrations, billboards, point of purchase, character development.
Outstanding illustration skills specializing in cartooning and caricaturing.

Svetlana Novikova
Svetlana not only does people caricatures but pets too!

Mark Stokes
Mark’s expertise includes cartooning, caricature, and character animation.

Milburn Taylor
Milburn is an illustrator first, but often creates caricatures for
special occasions.

Border to Border Talent for Hire!