David DeGrand

David DeGrand
NCS Member

I’ve been drawing cartoons ever since I was a little kid, and still love it to this day. I drew comics and illustrations for my high school and college newspapers, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in art from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2003. Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to do comics and illustrations for clients such as MAD Magazine, SpongeBob Comics, Boom! Studios, HarperCollins and more. I currently live and work in Texas with my wife and two sons.

Here are some interviews I did over at Strange Kid’s Club and at the blog David Wasting Paper where I discuss my work and what the heck is wrong with me.


Clients and Publications:
MAD Magazine
SpongeBob Comics
BOOM! Studios
Harper Collins
Random House
Bongo Comics
Walt Disney Television Animation
Hornet Inc.
Australian MAD Magazine
Heeby Jeeby Comix
Four Dogs Fine Wine & Spirits
Randy Packs
Puck Comic Party!
Comics Express
Reed Gunther in: A Stalac-TIGHT Spot!
Fort Worth Star Telegram
The Shorthorn
The Grizzly Detail

Art Shows I’ve Been In:
Seduction of the Idiots, Canteen Gallery, Ottawa, August 2010.
99 Red Balloons, Canteen Gallery, Ottawa, May 2010.
Two Days Slow: An Alice in Wonderland Showcase, Canteen Gallery, Ottawa, March 2010.
Character Building, Metrognome Collective, Fort Worth, TX, September 2009.
Cartoon Visions, Wake the Dead, San Marcos, TX, September 2009.
Naughty Niceties, End of an Ear, Austin, TX, December 2008.
Cartoon Apocalypse, Kettle Art, Dallas, TX, September 2008.
Cartoon Art Show, Chat Room Pub, Fort Worth, TX, August 2008.
Boob Tube Saturday Mornings, The Soda Gallery, Dallas, TX,
April 2008.
50/50, The Soda Gallery, Dallas, TX, March 2008.
Horrors of the Enchanted Wasteland, Pawn Gallery, Dallas, TX,                  October 2007.
The Summoning, The Cedars Art Gallery, Dallas, TX, October 2007.
Cartoon Funanza, The Stash, Austin, TX, July 2007.
Cartoon Art Exhibition, Kettle Art, Dallas, TX, June 2007.
Six by Six, Kettle Art, Dallas, TX, June 2006.
Fissure, Iris Advertising, Dallas, TX, October 2005.
Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, May 2003.
Paths of Contemplation, Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX,               March 2003.
Elements, A UTA Art Expo, Fort Worth Community Arts Center,
Fort Worth, TX, April 2003.
Hearts O’ Fire, SAA Gallery 171 at UTA, Arlington, TX,
February 2003.
One Person Show, SAA Gallery 171 at UTA, Arlington, TX,
March 2003.
Moving Metal, E.H. Hereford University Center Art Gallery,                           Arlington, TX, February 2002.
Day of the Dead, SAA Gallery 171 at UTA, Arlington, TX,
November 2001.
Hearts Afire, SAA Gallery 171 at UTA, Arlington, TX, February 2000.

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