Sam Hurt

Sam Hurt
NCS Member
Sam lives and works in South Austin, Texas, where he strives diligently at sculpture, painting, cartooning and sorting laundry. In 1979, he created the comic strip Eyebeam, described by the Village Voice as “the best comic strip you never heard of.” Eyebeam was a daily comic strip through most of the 1980s, and ran in the Austin American Statesman and other papers around the country. In 1990, Sam created Peaches, Queen of the Universe for United Feature Syndicate. Sam was a founding contributor to The Austin Chronicle with a strip called “Planet Oid”, and in 1995 he produced another strip for the Chronicle called “Schnozzo the Giant Bat.” The paper has featured Eyebeam continuously since 2006. Over the years, Eyebeam has been published in 10 books. Several of the early books are now collectible. Three newish books are now available:
Eyebeam Returns,
Queen of the Universe A Trilogy in Three Parts
Part One: Setting Things Straight,
Part Two: Dare To Dream, and
Part Three: Still At Large.

Eyebeam featured a character named Hank the Hallucination who was run for student government president at the University of Texas in 1982. Voters had to write-in Hank’s name, but he still garnered more votes than any legitimate candidate. (Almost as many as all of them put together.) An obscure and somewhat quaint technicality was used to disqualify Hank from the run-off election, (the requirement to actually exist). The most sportsmanlike and good-humored of his rivals was Paul Begala, who won the runoff and launched a career in politics and punditry. Having secured his footnote in history, Sam finished Law School, became a member of the State Bar. Later he got out of the practice of law before he did any lasting harm, and resumed drawing strange little pictures. Eyebeam can be found on

Paintings by Sam Hurt:



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