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Welcome, Reynaldo Menchaca!

Reynaldo Menchaca is a Texas born and raised Cartoonist. As a child growing up watching cartoons on tv on Saturday mornings, the love for art was instilled very early. Rey was fascinated by classic cartoons such as Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, and Gundam.

Reynaldo took this inspiration and sought to breathe a new dynamic style to cartoons while keeping the whimsical fantasy that seeded the love for art in the first place. Reynaldo’s unique vision has provided opportunities such as working on campaigns for Tech N9ne, the biggest independent artist in the world, to local community work for Texas State University.

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Welcome, Adrian Zuniga!

Adrian Zuniga is a cartoonist based in Fort Worth, Texas with a passion for drawing silly cartoons. He found his inspiration at the age of 7 by watching Looney Tunes and reading old Garfield comics he would find at the thrift stores his parents would drag him to. His “formal” instruction came when he stumbled into Bruce Blitz cartooning books in his public library. From then on, he has not been able to stay away from cartooning even if he tried! Today, Adrian is a freelance cartoonist creating cartoon illustrations, comics and custom caricatures for his clients.

Adrian gets his inspiration and motivation from everyday life, his wife, three kids and his dog. He is determined to show his family that there’s always a way to make your dreams come true. 

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Donnie Pitchford part of the Carthage Main Street 2024 Arts Walk of Fame Induction

Donnie Pitchford will be honored on Friday, February 16 at The Esquire Theater in Carthage, TX as part of the Carthage Main Street 2024 Arts Walk of Fame Induction.

Pitchford says, ” I am blessed and honored to be part of the Carthage, Texas Main Street Arts Walk of Fame being held in two weeks (February 16)! I hope to see family, friends, former students, church family, etc. there!”

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Congrats, Donnie!

Welcome, Francisco Riojas!

Welcome, Francisco Riojas – our newest member!

Francisco Riojas is the creator of The Maizanos and The Paisanos. From an early age, Francisco would gravitate towards the comics section of the San Antonio Express News that his grandfather would provide on a weekly basis. Frequently spending time at the local public library and escaping into published collections of Garfield, The Far Side, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbs, Where’s Waldo and many more, Francisco was inspired to pick up drawing and dream to one day be amongst the great creators that he has admired since childhood.

The comic strip of The Maizanos is based on a family of tamales that reflect the experiences of life as Mexican Americans along the southern border. The Paisanos is a series inspired by current events related to immigration and the politics that surround it.

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